BSBLEG417 - Apply Principles of Evidence Law

This course, which we are currently running only at Crown Perth, provides senior security personnel with the knowledge and skills required to assess issues associated with evidence law in a legal environment, such as a court of law. 

You will learn about:

* legislation that is relevant to the security industry
* the nature and meaning of evidence law
* principles of evidence law
* application of these principles
* relevant and admissable evidence.


Participants of a recent moot court
               Participants of one of our recent moot courts
at Joondalup Police Academy

Highly experienced specialist trainer

Our trainer is a former Police Sergeant who now works as a Security Manager at Crown, has up-to-date knowledge and skills,  and is a member of the Security Industry Advisory Committee. As a member of several professional associations, including the Training and Development Association, he uses holistic activities and real-life scenarios to provide practical and relevant learning experiences.

For example, you'll be participating in scenario-based activities, writing court statements, and providing witness evidence in a moot court (simulated court proceedings).

Other benefits

  • Free on-site parking
  • New state-of-the-art training facilities, purpose-built for security training
  • Moot court proceedings where you can practise your skills


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Registered Training Organisation: Crown Training Pty Ltd

Training Organisation ID: 40529

Unit of competency: BSBLEG417 Apply the Principles of Evidence Law


$1,200, payable before the course begins.

For further details about our fees, including our refund policy, please email us at 

Duration: 5 days

Attendance requirements: Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Entry criteria: to be accepted into this course, applicants must

* be 18 years or older
* satisfactorily complete the Crown College  Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment
* be employed at a Senior Officer, Supervisory, or Management level.


Topics covered

* Introduction to Law
* Criminal Responsibility
* Parties to Offences
* Stealing and Robbery
* Attempts
* Assaults
* Evidence and Witnesses
* Fraud
* Damage 
* Disorderly and Trespass
* Court Proceedings


Crown College, 200 Planet Street, Welshpool, WA 6107

Further information

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