MasterClasses at Culinarium

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As well as dining at Culinarium, you can also attend our MasterClasses where you can learn how to create your own culinary masterpieces.

Attending our MasterClasses is a great way to learn, for example, how to infuse your Thai dishes with those distinctive but subtle aromas, create a Chinese New Year's feast fit for an emperor, or make pastries that are reminiscent of the French countryside.

Each MasterClass ranges from two to approximately four hours: you'll view a demonstration, create the dishes under guidance from our award-winning culinary trainers, and then share your creation with your classmates.

You'll see and practice the techniques that will give you a professional result, and learn how to purchase and prepare ingredients - while you're having loads of fun.

Contact Andrew Crispin, Culinary Trainer on (03) 9292 5354 or email to find out more.