Team Building

Ideal for any group of people who need to work together, our unique Team Building MasterClasses will give you and your team members an experience that will change how they think about communication, teamwork, and challenges.

Designed and delivered  by highly qualified culinary trainers and management specialists, the program provides a fun and challenging experience that generates stimulating and insightful discussions.

After preparing a range of complex dishes, participants are encouraged to reflect on what they have learnt and how they can change things in the workplace so that the team works more effectively, and each team member is able to do their best.

Participants gain real insights into how and why some teams work (and why others don't), how to maximise what each member can contribute to the team, and how to recognise and deal with situations that require team members to perform outside their areas of expertise. 

To book...

Contact Andrew Crispin, Culinary Trainer on (03) 9292 5354 to discuss your requirements or to book a team-building experience that will change your team forever.